School Visits

We organise and host many visits every year to the Gurdwara from local schools and others who have not visited the Gurdwara before.

School visits can be arranged by filling out the form below with the following information:
– Contact name
– Contact telephone number
– The date you wish to visit
– The number in your group and their age range.

During the visit everyone will be required to cover their head, although some handkerchiefs/ scarves are provided it is a good idea to bring your own clean handkerchief or scarf if possible.

Please read the Visiting Gurdwara Guidelines

In general our school visit schedule is as follows (please note that times have been given as an example and are subject to change):

10.30am – Arrival of school
10.40am – Tour of Gurdwara, including prayer hall
11.00am – Presentation/Talk and Q&A on Sikhism
11.45am – Lunch and finish

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