Duties & Responsibilities

Management Committee
– Management committee’s term will be for one year and will run from April to April

– Each member has to attend monthly management meeting in order to deal and plan Gurdwara affairs

– Should attend any emergency meeting that may be called by the Gen Secretary

– Attend Gurdwara on regular basis

– Allocate time to the Gurdwara, Sadh Sangat and seva within your term

– Take responsibility for Upkeep, Security and maintenance of the Gurdwara

Take responsibilities for ALL religious programmes as per Akal Takht Maryada

– Be available to help and assist families with Akhand Paath Seva

– Make arrangements for car parking and Ragi Jathas as per requirements

Arrange Gurpurb programmes as per Gurdwara Maryada

Management committee must communicate with trustees on regular basis and when making important decision.
Any member who does not attend or is absent for three consecutive meetings without a valid reason, shall at the Management committee’s discretion be expelled from the management committee, provided that the Management Committee  call for an explanation from the concerned member before making the final decision. Management committee must have at least two thirds of the committee members present at that meeting.  (Clause 11.2)
All Management Committee members shall take an oath in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib, to be loyal to the objectives of the Gurdwara and to be honest, dutiful, true servant of the SABAH and the Gurdwara. Must be polite, gentle, believer in the teaching of the Ten Gurus – Guru Nanak Ji to Guru Gobind Singh Ji and of the teaching of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, immune to personal vanity and pride and willing to sacrifice their self interest for the interest of the community. (Clause, in part, 8.5)
Irrevocable Clauses

– No two members having blood relationship to each other can serve in the Management committee (clause 9.1)

– No member can serve in the Management committee if he or she has blood relationship with a any member of the Trustee (clause 9.2)

– No member of the immediately preceding Management committee shall put forward themselves for the upcoming Management committee. BUT, an experienced member of the existing Management committee MAY be unanimously selected by the SABHA to be member to provide help and assistance to the new Management committee in the interest of stability (clause 9.3)

Every member of MC Have to Provide DBS Check certificate within one month after MC selection.

Applicant have to be an Active member for at least 2 year of Reading Gurdwara Sahib & Needs 2 Active Proposers.

Roles & Responsibilities


  • He or she shall be the Head of the Gurdwara
  • Preside over the meetings of the Gurdwara – of the meetings of Management Committee, SABHA and the Sadh Sangat
  • Responsible for general supervision of the affairs of the Gurdwara and shall attend to all the administrative and organisational matters of the Gurdwara
  • Shall regularly report to the Sadh Sangat, trustees and the Management Committee and present an annual report.

Vice President

  • Assist the President in his or her duties and shall act for his or her in his or her absence
  • Shall deal with suggestions and complaints of the members.
  • To maintain and update the register of Sadh Sangat ( membership)

General Secretary

  • Shall attend all the meetings of the Gurdwara and maintain a minutes book which should be made available upon a reasonable notice for inspection by any members of the Sabha. The minute book will be a comprehensive record of all the meeting s of the Management Committee and that of the SABHA.
  • Deal with correspondence in the name of the Gurdwara
  • Call meeting of the Management Committee and the SABHA
  • Give effect to the resolution passed and decisions made by the Management Committee and the SABHA
  • Have general liaison with the sub-committees and other officers of the Gurdwara
  • Assist to prepare an annual report of the affairs of the Gurdwara for presentation by the President

Stage Secretary

  • Responsible for managing the stage
  • Prepare the Programme for the service
  • Look after the religious and cultural affairs of the Gurdwara


  • Manage the langar preparation, cooking and cleaning of all areas of the kitchen. Co-ordinate with Sevadars

Health & Safety

  • Manage all areas of Environmental Health & Safety for the Kitchen, whole Gurdwara premises and visitors


  • Receive and deposit all the monies, cheques etc on behalf of the Gurdwara promptly in the bank account of the Gurdwara
  • Keep records of all expenses and receipts of the Gurdwara in a cash book which should be available at any time to the members of the Sabha, the President of the Gurdwara and the Management Committee members for inspection on demand
  • Arrange for the accounts of the Gurdwara to be audited by the appointed charted accountant.
  • Keep record of all Gift Aid forms
  • Maintain a proper record of cheque books and current receipt books, maintain any other appropriate records
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